Belly Dance Links

Photographs from Haflas (belly dance parties) at the Belindance Studio in Halifax where you can see my teacher Belinda, her troupe, myself and my friends can be found on the following web site. The author is dancer Meredith Blunt.

Belinda is my first dance teacher and I was very lucky that I picked her when I was looking for a dance instructor. In my opinion she is the best belly dance teacher in Atlantic Canada. She is also the president of at least two dance associations and a well-known performer in Halifax. Here is her web site.

An online video of one of Belinda's choreographies performed by students can be viewed here.

My second teacher, beautiful Shadia, does not have a web site but I managed to find pictures of her from the Jillina Show. Jillina is a famous American belly dancer. Shadia is the one with long black hair wearing a white costume with pearls.

It wouldn't be fun if we could not shop for belly dance outfits. I scoured the Internet for the best vendors and made a list of reliable ones who will sell you good quality dance wear for a reasonable price and will ship it to you quickly. Your dance teacher may be able to sell you a hip scarf or a veil, or refer you to someone local. However, if you cannot find what you are looking for or just want to get some ideas, this is where you should go.

Moondance is an excellent place to buy skirts, veils and tops:

Cicek Pasaj is in Montreal and will let you pay by check. Good place to buy hipscarves and DVDs:

Miss Belly Dance has good quality hip scarves for low prices, as well as skirts, tops and veils:

Gypsy Magda sells skirts, tops, veils and hip scarves. Very honest and reliable:

Finally, to see famous dancers such as Jillina, Aziza, Sadie, Ansuya or the male belly dancer Tarik Sultan do a keyword search: